A collection of timeshare videos that have been produced by the University of Central Florida

Introductory Videos to support HFT3273 Principles of Resort Timeshare offered at the University of Central Florida

Introduction to Timeshare; The Timeshare Industry Business ModelIndustry Size & Scope; History & Trends; Product Form; Exchange; Legal ; Regulation; Financing; Marketing; Lead Generation; Timeshare Sales; Resort Management; HOA/COA; Inventory ManagementARDA

A Day at the Creek – Promotional video
Geared to stimulating interest in timeshare industry, careers and curriculum; targets current/prospective students and their families; includes student perspectives and promotion – focus on 3 WVO employees who are UCF interns or grads; introduces Dean Pizam’s vision and incorporates industry endorsement of UCF timeshare curriculum, research and outreach efforts.

Click here to watch the video!

A Look at the Timeshare Industry Going Forward – Student opportunity
Industry executives and students comment on growth and opportunity of industry; provides background on Dr. Gregory’s industry achievements; industry executives endorse UCF’s efforts in timeshare education

General Industry Conference announcements & opportunities presented by Dr. Amy Gregory Includes size of industry, compensation, growth, sustainability during recession, brands, Dr. Gregory’s background and career track in timeshare, UCF working with industry partners on course content, employment, mentoring, opportunities for student involvement

Fall Semester Shared Ownership Investment Conference logistics –  Conference overview, attendees, general topics, student participation

Spring Semester ARDA World Conference set up –  General info about student opportunities at ARDA conference; Opportunities to participate (help, compete, scholarship);  Industry & students talk about importance of conference attendance and opportunities, networking

Inter-University Timeshare Competition – Get ready for inter-university competition
Student participation in previous conferences and take aways (knowledge, contacts)

Timeshare Tidbits:  Informational video to support ARDA Inter-University Timeshare Competition Spring 2013 –  Dr. Gregory discussion with student regarding getting ready for ARDA’s InterUniversity timeshare competition; things to know about timeshare resorts & HOA’s (funding);  Resources: TIRM in library; Developments Magazine; faculty contacts; Requirements: Paper, informational meeting, presentations

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